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Welcome To Our Blog

I love course history, so let's start the blog with a little history.  Back in the 1920's the idea of golf courses was growing in popularity as Bobby Jones was storming around as an amatuer winning everyting in sight.  Golf courses were being built and it was the Roaring 20's.  Times were good and it was good times for Lenoir as well.  The town was growing and furinture was expanding.  Companies in the area were making money and were looking for better housing, better recreation, and a better life after WWI.
T.H Broyhill  was instrmental in developing or helping to be developed the area between downtown Lenoir and the Golf Course. He organized the Club and the corporation to run the course.  That corporation still exists today Lenoir Golf Club Inc.
By the 1940's J.E. Broyhill had assumed much of the leadership mantle at Broyhill furniture and he retained Donald Ross to do a makeover of Lenoir Golf Cluc in 1945.  Donald Ross made a drawing for 18 holes and renovated the existing 9 holes later that summer.  The other 9 holes were never built.  You can still see a lot of the Donald Ross flavor in many of the older greens.  When the additional 9 holes were added in 1959-1960, they were added by Pat Allison, the Golf Pro at the time.  Pat Allison had deep Scottish roots and followed many of the same design characteristics of a Donald Ross course.  In fact if you tried to guess, you might guess that some of the greens attributed as Donald Ross are actually Pat Allison's work.
Here are the original green complexes that have been basically untouched since Donald Ross redid them in 1945:  #10, #11, #12, #3, #4, #16, #18.
The green on #5 has been up on the hill in 1927, but sometime in the 1950's it was where #15 green is now.  The green for #8 has been moved at least three times, once for the highway 321 widening, and then again for bad drainage in 1995.  Those were the original 9 holes.
#1 was added and the green was rebuilt in the 90's, Originally you teed off #2 and played to #11 green, but when the course was changed to 18 holes, #2 and #11 were squeezed in side by side.  Donald Ross added #12, Pat Allison added #9, which is one of the best par 3's on the course.  The row of Pin Oak trees were added in the early 70's.  #3 used to tee off where #13 does today.  It was a longer carry over the creek.  Now #13 plays straight down and across the creek, while #3 tees off alongside and then proceeds back into the valley to the green.
#4 and #5 were original holes to the course, #14 and #15 was added to the new 9 in the addition.  #7 used to be the old Lenoir Airport in the 40's and 50's.  #8 was original to the course and #18 was always the finishing hole.
Have a great day and the next time you play remember, lots of balls have been lost in these creeks since 1927 !!
April 15, 2015
How about the Masters !!  Four days of great golf and good competition.  Jordan Speith really put on a show for everyone to see, and what a fine young man.  I was really impressed with his composure throughout the weekend.  He didn't get rattled.  There just was not the inevitable collapse.
It was also interesting to see all the swing changes and swing theories bandied about by the announcers.  Since Tiger Woods was going through several changes the topic of swing changes was naturally brought up all weekend long.  Generally the announcers did a good job of talking about changes pretty good, but they missed the biggest points, like they always do.  So many of the swing alterations that the Pro's deal with are so minute and specific to their own swings that they don't apply to most of our swings.
For instance they talked sndlessly about how much Tiger "dipped" on his downswing.  Then they referenced how much he dipped previously and how much other players dip and then how much players should diop to hit the ball farther etc.
Well, most of us have a bigger issue with staying steady over the ball and keeping a firm spine angle so we can generate enough leverage to get the power we need to move the ball down the fairway.  Trying to add "dip" to increase leverage when we caoont keep a solid spine only increases confusion and error.
So, let's get back to simple basics when we swing.  Stay solid and steady over the ball.  Make a good turn and accelerate through impact.  Hit the ball.
Hit the ball.  Score low.  And I'll see you on the course.
April 30, 2015
I hope everybody is getting ready to sign up for the Member-Guest.  The first day is Saturday.  I remember years ago when the event filled up in about 45 minutes.  We had a big line at the door of the Snack Bar waiting for us and we wrote down names as fast as we could.  Then the next year we played a midnight nite golf tourney to give those guys who wanted to wait all night to sign up something to do while they waited.  Ah-h-h-h  those were the days.
Hopefully this year we can get the event filled up and have another grreat time.  Member Guest is a time where players do more than just play golf for three days.  It is a time whenj we get to show off the course and when the members get to have lots of fun with their friends.  Sure there is lots of competition and there are winners and people get prizes and the like.  But the big winner is friendship and fellowship and getting to spend a weekend with  folks that you may not have seen for a while.
Thanks for the memories...

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