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Senior Golf Tips

Seniors are blessed with having many years of golfing experience.  Yet many times they forget to use the most important tool they have when they play golf, their experience and knowledge.  Many times they still want to hit a 6 iron on the par 3 over the creek and it goes in the creek because they just don't hit it as far as they used to. "Pride goeth before a penalty."  Or a lob shot is attempted when a chip and run is easier.  I could go on and on.
Seniors have the benefit of years of experience.  Use it.  Play the shots that work and stay away from the challenging shots that might not.
The next thing is a bit harder. As we get older we lose flexibility and core strength. Losing flexibility and core strength both lead to a loss in distance and that hurts both in the scoring and in the ego.  It is hard to give in and accept the fact that we don't hit it as far as we used to.  But as soon as we come to terms with that, we can play better golf.  Figure out what the real distance is and play the right club to the right shot and scores will get better.  Don't hope for the 1 in 10 shot,play for the 9 in 10 shots.
Use your experience and knowledge.
Seniors are betters chippers and putters generally because they have played more and know how the greens break and have had the putts more often.  Use that to your advantage.
Next set of tips will help with core strength and flexibility.  Maybe we can get some of that distance back !!  There is always hope.

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