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1559335 1554610304772390 184657861134092512 oOne of the most common questions that we get is "What does a membership cover at Lenoir Golf Club?" The straight answer is that your membership dues cover all your green fees and that Lenoir Golf Club has an extensive tournament schedule for members only. However, becoming a member is much more than green fees vs. membership dues. Your dues also help to provide knowledgeable PGA apprentices and a developing junior program that helps to grow the game of golf. We offer clinics for junior, intermediate, and female players. Your membership dues also help make capital improvements to the building and the grounds equipment. As a member you are part owner of a golf club.

In addition to the golfing benefits, your membership will allow you to take part in many of the partnerships that Lenoir Golf Club has formed with local businesses. Members at Lenoir Golf Club receive discounts at many local businesses for being a member of the club.
We offer numerous memberships. Please review the information on this page and don't hesitate to call the Pro Shop with questions. 828-754-5093.

Individual – This is a single adult membership, $60.00 per month.
Family – This is the most common membership that we offer. This membership covers married couples, and children that live in the home. This membership also covers full time college students that are living at home and are dependent of the parents. $65.00 per month

Young Single – This is a membership designed for the young person that's just getting started in life and wants to be a part of Lenoir Golf Club. Designed for the person out of high school or college and under the age of 30. $50.00 per month and this is not a full membership and does not provide voting rights at the annual meeting.

Social - Social members enjoy the privilege of the Backroom. Social dues are $35.00 per month, Social members do pay full rate while using the golf course, this is not a full membership and does not provide voting rights at the annual meeting. Social Members must be at least 21 years of age.

Junior - This membership is for those young golfers that are in middle or high school. Lenoir Golf Club offers an annual membership for $60.00 per year. Junior members will be between the ages of 13 and 18. All golfers 12 and under play for FREE with an adult.

College - This membership is for students that are not part of a family membership, but are enrolled full time in a college or university. College members must be 24 years of age or younger. Cost of membership is $110.00 per year.

Associate - This membership is for public service professionals in Caldwell County. Ministers, Law Enforcement Officers, EMTs, and Fire Fighters may take advantage of this membership option at a discounted rate of $35 per month.

Winter - Winter Memberships are available for those golfers living outside of Caldwell County. This membership is primarily targeted at those golfers in the mountain counties where courses close due to cold weather. This membership runs from November 1 through March 31 at a discounted rate of $250 a year.


We also have a limited number of lockers for members. The rental fee is $74.00 per calendar year. Please contact the staff if you are interested.

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